The Pink Penguin (dyviness) wrote in careerwomen,
The Pink Penguin

Why isn't this community more active?

I just joined this community and I'm hoping it will be a little more active than it looks like it is now. I'm really looking for a place where I could get career advice and support from other like-minded women.

I'm always interested in finding out what other people do and how they landed their job. Or maybe what people want to do and how they plan on doing it, so if you'd all like to share your current or intended occupation I'd be interested to hear about it.

I guess I'll start off: I graduated college about a year ago and I'm currently working as a "marketing coordinator" in a commercial real estate firm. Sometimes I feel really pigeon-holed though because the organizational structure is so flat that I feel like there is nowhere for me to move up into. Also sometimes its hard because I work in pretty much an all male environment, not that I'm treated unfairly, but I get tired of "hanging with the boys" all the time. The most annoying thing though is that even though I'm not a sales person, my pay is part base salary and part "commission" based on the commission of agents I work for. This is frustrating for me because I never know how much money I'll have, and I'm not making the big bucks that a "real" real estate agent makes. Eventually I would really like to get into maybe working for a real estate developer doing more than just producing marketing collatoral. Perhaps something more analytical, but I don't see any avenues yet for me to move into something like that. Right now I've an offer from my former employer to apply to be an admin assistant in a more stable industry with a comparable (and non-commissioned) pay, but I don't want to end up stuck as an admin assistant for the rest of my life either. That's my situation in a nutshell.
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