Lree (lree) wrote in careerwomen,

Project Management

Hello - I am a new member as of today. I joined because I'm looking for help getting my PMP (Project Management Professional certification). I've been interested in project management for two years. I'm bored with my job in web design. I have finally been put in charge of a large project at work and that will look great on my resume. I know what would look even more impressive, though, is to be PMP certified! I've looked at the requirements on the PMI website several times in the past two years. Every time I start digging in, I get overwhelmed and feel defeated! I'm now also looking into the new CAPM, which seems to be a stepping stone to the PMP - less requirements and good for someone just getting into the field. At least it would be something!

Is anyone here PMP certified who can offer advise on how to get started? OR if anyone else has helpful suggestions, feel free to pipe in.
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