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This office is smokin'!

Alright. I've been thinking about dissolving this community. There are lots of things I would love to talk about, but usually I don't want to post on the internet about them, or discuss them with strangers. Does anyone else want to take over the maintainership?

That said, I do finally have something I feel comfortable talking about.

Someone on my side of the floor smokes in her office. It's been getting progressively worse over the last 6 or 9 months. At first, she just smoked once every couple weeks or so, and that was fine. Now it's like 3 evenings a week. It totally stinks up the office to the point that I leave with my hair smelling like smoke. It gives me and my co-workers headaches.
One of my co-workers confronted her and the smoker's reaction was "Well don't tell anyone!" That was July.
By now, I would have expected someone else with authority to have done something about it. We have a patrolling security guard, and I think he should report her. But he doesn't seem to. I guess I could say something to him, but he and I don't have the greatest rapport. For all I know, he thinks I'm the smoker.

So what do you think? Should I report her to HR?

Do you want this community? :)
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